Just for the sake of posterity, I have posted my responses to the Combined Chamber of Commerce survey here. Now when I contest the next election, one of two things will happen -

         1. I will feel exactly the same way as I do today; 


        2.  I will have done further research, gained a better understanding of certain situations or been made aware  
             of things I did not know and will have therefore changed my mind.

In any case, I will honest about it.

Please, if you feel I have taken the wrong stand or may be naive in some of my responses, do not hesitate to contact me and let me know. I am always keen to learn new things and happy to talk about any of these issues as I doubt they will be going away!!  If you can help me clarify my understanding of any of these issues, please consider doing so as I plan to stand again in 2016.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Susie x
Proposition #1 – A more holistic consideration and analysis of strategic policy and development applications by amalgamating Council’s EDMP and PET Directorates into one Directorate

                                        Yes I agree with Proposition #1 and will support its implementation if elected
                                       Things that streamline processes, remove double handling and have a focus on the          
                                        “Triple Bottom Line” would be warmly welcomed. 

Proposition #2 – A system of multi disciplinary teams should be established to undertake the assessment of development applications throughout the City

                                     Yes I agree with Proposition #2 and will support its implementation if elected
                                    Clearly more details on the who and how of the way these teams would be selected is           

Proposition #3 – Establish a ‘specialist assessment unit’ to assess development applications along the GCRT route and within the major centres serviced by the GCRT system

                                 Yes I agree with Proposition #3 and will support its implementation if elected
                                 Again, more details are required with regard to how these teams would be developed and 

Proposition #4 – Waive all infrastructure charges for employment generating developments which diversify the economic base of  the City

                            No I disagree with Proposition #4 and will oppose its implementation if elected
                            I agree that some of these charges are excessive but would fall short of suggesting ALL charges 
                            be  waived – infrastructure charges need to be covered without a profit component. 
                          Proposals could be considered individually based on merit, need and future service to the 
                          community in which they are built for further reductions.
Proposition #5 – Provide infrastructure ‘credits’ for vacant commercial premises under Council’s Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (AICR) 

                        Yes I agree with Proposition #5 and will support its implementation if elected
                        In difficult times, “credits” are a reasonable suggestion as it allows for the possibility that some 
                        charges may still be applicable so that council is able to justify the cost of approvals etc.

Proposition #6 – Immediately undertake an audit of all existing Planning and Environment Court and Court of Appeals, commit to a quarterly review of all existing appeals, (review to include Mayor, Divisional Councillor, Chair of Planning Committee, CEO and Director of PET) and establish of an independent panel of experts to review Council’s position in relation to future appeals

                          Yes I agree with Proposition #6 and will support its implementation if elected

                         Transparency and impartiality are essential components to seeing this proposition realized.   I  
                         have questions as to the cost of creating such a panel/committee and how to ensure its i
                        Developer’s interests do not always serve the best interests of the public so checks and balances 
                        are essential.  I do not want to see the rights of the people in the community to object to 
                        development removed or reduced.


Proposition #7 – Establishment of a senior internal Ombudsman to serve as an independent arbiter in disputes between Council and the general public/development and construction industry

                          Maybe Yes I agree with Proposition #7 and will support its implementation if elected
                          Sounds great in theory but how does someone employed by the council remain an impartial 
                          third party?  How would this position be funded?

Proposition #8 – Employment of a senior internal ‘change management’ officer to ensure that all new Council policies are consistent with existing Council policies and Legislation

                          Yes I agree with Proposition #8 and will support its implementation if elected
                          I can’t believe this position does not exist!

Proposition #9 – Direction to Allconnex / Gold Coast Water to use compulsory resumption powers (in appropriate circumstances) to establish essential community infrastructure easement connections in greenfield development areas

                       I fail to see how I could be expected to answer a question of this magnitude without more 

                       Further descriptions of “appropriate circumstances” needs to be addressed.  I fear David and
                       Goliath type battles over elderly resident’s properties.    This proposal makes no mention of
                       compensation in such circumstances and how or who would be responsible for ensuring the
                       outcome was equitable for all. 
                      I don’t wish to see the “Davids” of the world holding out and   stifling progress out of greed but I 
                     also  wouldn't allow for the “Goliath’s” to roll over any little people in their path in the name of

                    Extenuating circumstances may indeed apply when it involves such things as special needs care, aged 
                    care, medical facilities and education. 



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Channel 9 Gold Coast. Have been running segments to introduce the public to the new faces standing for council.

Just in case you missed these Tessa Scott segments about the candidates in your area. Here they ALL are - 


Pre Polling booths are open Monday 16th April  to Friday 27th April
9am to 5pm  (closed ANZAC Day)

Miami Keys, Suite 5, 1 Sunshine Boulevard, Broadbeach Waters

94 Bundall Road, Bundall

Fradgley Hall, Cnr Park Avenue & Ocean Street, Burleigh

Elanora Library, The Pines, Cnr KP McGrath Drive & Guineas Creek Road, Elanora

Unit 11, 178 Siganto Drive, Helensvale

Professional Centre, Suites A5 & A6, 50-54 Railway Street, Mudgeeraba

Suite 1, 24 Cotton Street, Nerang

Southport Community Centre, Lawson Street, Southport

17 Golden Four Drive, TugunPre Polling booths are open Monday 16th April to Friday 27th April 9am to 5pm (closed ANZAC Day)

An extract from Slugger Awards: what makes a good councillor?"A good Councillor should be hard working, honest, and not be too ambitious. They should have the ordinary person’s needs at heart.
Party politics should not take precedent over common sense.

A good Councillor will not care about getting into photos and hearing themselves talk at meetings just to be seen in the press. They should only speak if they have something to contribute to a discussion – they should not be repeating what four or five other Councillors have already said. They should not care if one Councillor has taken on a particular issue that they may be getting some glory for – jealousy should not come into the work of Public Representatives but it too often does.

Councillors are public servants – they should be working for the people as best they can. They should not be feathering their own nest or that of their party or party colleagues. They should take into account and accept other people’s opinions. Respect for the way others do things is important.

I am a Councillor and I have seen it all since I was elected. Jealousy and ambition play too much of a part. I dont know many Councillors, or people who would like to be a Public Representative, who is genuinely there for the people and not just for themselves."

Has he got it right? Comments??

Original article (in full) can be located at:  http://sluggerotoole.com/2009/11/09/slugger-awards-what-makes-a-good-councillor/  
Here is a map showing the boundaries for Division 6 - the area in which I am seeking election.   If you would like to know what division you are located in, you can click this link Gold Coast Divisions  and find the information you need.  

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    Here I will post information about what I see and read that is going on in our division.